October 2019 Minutes

The October 1st, 2019 LIHAC meeting was called to order by President, Tim Lange at 6:45 p.m.  

Roll Call was answered by 51 members and 1 guest.  There are now 87 member families in LIHAC.

The September meeting minutes were read and approved.

The Treasurer reported that there was $3,413.21 in the checking account, $1,051.84  in the Savings Account  and  the CD now has  $1,092.89.

There are 13 birthdays and 5 anniversaries in October.  Bob and Doris Walton lead the anniversaries with 69 years and Gene and Beverly Gangwer came in a real close second with 68 years.   Congratulations to all.

Annette Williams reported on the Care and Concern,  Sue Coulson is to have open heart surgery the first week of October.  Emily Hendricks thanked everyone for the calls and cards that she had received.

The MCL drawing was won by Boni Goss, the Dog ‘n Suds gift cards went to Paul Harshman and to recruit a new member was won by Larry Shepherd.

The ladies luncheon at the Tick Tock Bar and Grill, hosted by LeMoyne Senesac was a success.   The Dog ‘n Suds on September 1stwas also successful, there were 16.  And on September 20th there were 17 men at the Men’s Breakfast.

The Annual auction netted $586.00

On September 21st there were 7 cars at the Creasy Springs Cruise In.

On September 22, Harold and Jo Williams lead a lunch tour to Turkey Run with 13 cars and 26 people.

                                                     UPCOMING TOURS AND EVENTS

October  6—Eldon Frederick Memorial Car Show at The University Place from 11-3, brunch at 11:30,                                        followed by Dog ‘n Suds at 4:30 and Silver Dipper eateries 

                12—Breakfast Tour lead by Tom and Linda Cobb. Meet at 8:15 on the east side of Meijer’s                                           parking lot.

                 17—Ladies Luncheon hosted by Boni Goss, 11:30 at The Bryants

                 18—Men’s Breakfast at 8:30 at the Downtowner

                 20—Soup Social ……place hasn’t been determined.                                                                                                                            The volunteers for soup:

                                                Joyce Miller—Vegetable

                                                Curt Williams—Salmon chowder

                                                Deb Watters—Gumbo

The Dammit Doll is supposed to be currently with Curt Williams, but he announced that he doesn’t have the body of the doll in his possession.  Whoever has it, apparently doesn’t want to give it up!!   lol  and The Golden Spike is still hanging out in Marlene Peterson’s kitchen.

There were two different new business ideas brought before the group.  The first one was officers for the coming year.  A suggestion of Joe  Goss for President and Raymond Reeves for Vice President.  There wasn’t any nominations or voting done at this time.  More suggestions can be submitted.

The other business item brought before the group was, Roger Miller suggested that the club sponsor a $1,000.00 scholarship, as another way for the club to get the LIHAC club name out in the public for some publicity.  There was a lot of discussion on this suggestion, no decision or voting was done. 

Mike Luenz made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Dave Hackney seconded it.  Meeting adjourned.

                                                                        President, Tim Lange

                                                                        Secretary, Marlene Peterson

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