November 2020 Minutes

LIHAC MEETING November 3, 2020

The November 3, 2020, LIHAC meeting was held at the Red Bird Café in Dayton, Indiana. Joe Goss, president called the meeting to order at 6:45 with 38 members answering roll call.

The Secretary’s minutes of the October 6th meeting were read and approved.

The Treasurer, Nancy Erdes, reported that there had been 3 checks written in October, leaving a checkbook balance of $2251.13 and in the savings there was a penny more, making the balance there $1051.97.

Annette Williams, the Care and Concern chairman, reported that cards were sent to Lora Layton, Curtis Anderson and Mike Luenz.

The drawing for the Red Bird Café gift card was won by Curt Williams and “to Recruit a New Member” was won by Jean Gosma.

There are 13 November birthdays and 4 November anniversaries.

Linda Cobb reported on the October Ladies luncheon held at East End Grill, which is downtown Lafayette, and there were 12 ladies that had a good time.

For the Men’s Breakfast no one was sure how many were in attendance at the October Breakfast.

Old Business: there is a need for name tags, for the new members and for anyone that has misplaced theirs.

New Business: A member had sent a message because of the CoVID, that for the Christmas party to be held, December 13 at 1:30, everyone is to wear a mask and plastic gloves will be provided by the Club at the food tables.


November 17-Ladies Luncheon at Rossville’s Treeces restaurant, hosted by Linda Lewis

20-Men’s Breakfast

December 13-Christmas Party at Stidman Church at 1:30

There was an announcement about The Crestview Annual Gift Shop and Bake Sale to be November 6 & 7.

Joe and Boni Goss had a tour to Noblesville’s Ford’s Restaurant and they went over 3 different bridges, on the tour-the Burlington, the Adams Mill and Lancaster Bridges. There were several LIHAC members in the tour.

The Dammit Doll is home with Bobby Burkhalter and the Golden Spike is rooming in with Marlene Peterson.

Jim Courtney made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Tom Cobb seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

President: Joe Goss

Secretary: Marlene Peterson

After the November meeting was closed, Bill Erdes, chairman of the election committee, presented the slate of nominated officers for 2021, as follows:

President: Joe Goss
Vice President: Paul Harshman
Secretary: Marlene Peterson
Treasurer: Nancy Erdes

Board of Directors:

Linda Cobb
Brandon Stevens
Tim Lange
Paul Harshman
Bill Erdes
Dave Hackney

It was voted unanimously to have the nominated officers serve for year 2021.

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