November 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Officers that participated:

Joe Goss, Marlene Peterson (went to Tom Cobb’s for the meeting)

Board Members that participated:

Linda Cobb, Brandon Stevens, Dave Hackney

The Christmas Party to be held at The Stidman Church, was cancelled but decided to donate $150.00 to the Church.

Because of cancelling the December meeting, there was a motion by Marlene to send The Salvation Army our donation, the same as last year’s, and Linda seconded the motion and the others on line voted “Yea” for that motion.

It will be questionable whether we will have a December meeting and it was decided by the ones that were in the ZOOM meeting to cancel the January LIHAC meeting. The meeting for February will be decided in January.

President: Joe Goss

Secretary: Marlene Peterson

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