May 2018 Minutes

The May 1, 2918, LIHAC meeting was called to order at 6:45 by President, Tim Lange, 72 answered roll call. Gene and Alene McKinley had 3 guests.

Cindy Reinke from Flora, gave an informational presentation about Human Trafficking Awareness.  She is a presenter of the Ascent 121 Christian organization out of Indianapolis.  Mrs. Reinke told of the age range of girls and boys that get exploited in to the trafficking life, through social media, getting picked up where teens gather then are "groomed"  into being trafficked.  Usually by a 20 - 30 year old, good looking men, that tells the teen that they can help them get a great job, usually out of the state they are in.  The presentation ended with question and answer time.  Ascent 121 gets funding from the government through Child Welfare Services.  The LIHAC club gave Ascent 121, $50.00.  

The  Secretary's report was read and approved.  The Treasurer reported that there were $300.00 in checks written in April.  The checking account has$3,768.85 and savings has $1,053.24. 

There were 17 birthdays and 5 anniversaries in April.

Annette Williams reported on  Care and Concern and cards were sent to, Bob Bunnell, Joyce Miller and Darlene Lumley.

The MCL drawing went to Barry Wheeler, the Dog 'n Suds to Susie Coulson, and the recruiting of a new member went to Jerry Barnett.

Jo Williams reported on the Ladies LIHAC Luncheon at Pepe's--there were 14 ladies and Harold Williams reported that there were 19 for the Men's breakfast.  May 18 is the next Men's breakfast.

Tim Lange reported on the April 8th Dog 'n Suds pre-tour .  There were 9 cars and one pickup. Starting  from Fairfield Lakes through several small towns and back to Dog 'n suds.  After eating they went to the Silver Dipper and had ice cream --"to warm up"  .

Upcoming tours are May 6th at Dog 'n Suds at 4:30,; May 9th, Beef House sponsored by Harold and Jo Williams; May 18, tour of Purdue Sports Performance Bldg., sponsored by Mike and Pam Luenz; May 20, Bingo and a carry in lunch at 1:00 at the Buck Creek Community Bldg.  The club will provide the pork BBQ, buns, chips, coffee and water.  Damon and Martha Hayes are the sponsors.  May 30th, is the Breakfast Tour lead by Tom and Linda Cobb

The Dammit Doll is now living with Joe Newlin and the Golden Spike is hanging out with Marlene Peterson.

Joe Newlin announced that he is hosting a Mini and Micro car show, July 27-29.  On the 28th there will be a cruise to Delphi and on the 29th a lunch at The Trails.

It was announced that Marty Burkhalter will be a Guardian on the Honor Flite this Tuesday, May 8th.

 The next meeting will be June 5th.

Curt Williams made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Harold Williams seconded it.

President, Tim Lange
Secretary,  Marlene Peterson

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