May 2015 Minutes

President Jim Wilson called the LIHAC meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. on May 5, 2015 at the MCL Cafeteria.

Guests: Cade Messick and Carin Lafollette.

Roll call was answered by 73 members.

Brandon Stevens distributed LIHAC membership application forms to each member so that they may be put in the cars and available to prospective members at car shows or on tours.

Jim thanked Fran Larch for making a donation to the Boswell Fire Department for the participants at the rain cancelled car show. Six cars and 10 members attended.

The Club then sang “Happy Birthday” to Fran as it was her birthday today.

Jim also congratulated Curt and Annette Williams who recently celebrated their 50th. Wedding Anniversary.

Care and Concern: Annette Williams sent 4 cards to the following: Ron Weigle – surgery, Frank Hildebrand, Curtis Anderson – surgery and Lemoyne Senesac who had a bad fall. Linda Cobb said that they are trying to keep Marsha Fredericks comfortable. She is at Creasy Springs.

Drawing: MCL Gift Card went to Tom Cobb, a free membership for a friend to Jim Courtney, and the Dog and Suds Gift Card went to Don Gosma.

Jean Gosma read the minutes and they were approved as read.

Pam Luenz gave the Treasurer’s report with a balance in checking of $3259.39. No changes to either the savings or CD’s. Pam reported the membership to be 102.

May 18th. is the ladies luncheon at Jane’s Deli and we need to have more ladies so that we can have more in attendance than the men do at their breakfast gathering.

Pam Luenz displayed a quilted “map holder” for Brandon’s antique truck. This is a sample of items that might be brought for the Club auction that is held in October.

And now the story of the “Damnnit Doll” as told by Jim Wilson. On the way to Boswell in the rain, the wind shield wipers of Jim and Sandy’s vehicle refused to operate properly. So on they go, praising “Rain-ex” for keeping their windshield clean. Bob Findlay gladly presented the Wilson’s with the “Damnit Doll.”

Then Jim reported that Bob Findlay had lost the tread on a tire, but continued on his journey. Bob was awarded the “Golden Spike.” Rob Johnson, who has a Model A, but could not get it started, and who wasn’t present to receive the “Doll.” Then Jim reported that Bobby Burkhalter had a short in his car ignition’s system – long story short, Bobby is the final receipient of the Dammit Doll.

Harold Williams announced the men’s breakfast would May 15th., and they needed to continue to have more men at breakfast than the women do at their lunch. It is at the Downtowner at Market Square Shopping Center at 8:30 A.M.

Old Business: Bingo – Jerry Barnett reported their was a good crowd, good food and the building was much improved.

Brandon thanked Harold and Jo Williams for the Dog & Suds tour. He also stated that there is a Committee who will help any of the Club Members who might want to plan a tour.

Tom Cobb said that Dog & Suds tours for June and July have been planned.

New Business: Joe Goss moved that the Club post the member’s names on the web site who have not paid 2015 dues. Tom Cobb seconded carried.

Ed Wagoner moved that when an outside guest or speaker comes to the Club we should offer them a free membership. Dave Hackney seconded. Carried.

Harold Williams announced that he is planning a tour to the Beef House on May 20th. Meet at McDonald’s on old US 231 and we will leave from there by 9:30 a.m.

Brandon Stevens announced the Ken Double Variety Show will be held on Sat. June 6th at 7:30 p.m.

Club Members can get tickets for $15.00 and will be seated together. Check the web site for more info.

Tom Cobb has had the web site redesigned so that under the banner will be a new spot for last minute announcements. It will now be easier to see.

Bill Erdis reminded the Club of the Harrison Car Show being held this Saturday at Fairfield Manufacturing. This is a benefit for the veterans. Registration is at 9:00 a.m.

Barry Wheeler said his ’41 Caddy was going to Delaware and will be replaced with a 81 Chevelle.

The White County cruise around the courthouse begins tonight and will continue each Tuesday night until fall. Meet at 5:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Jean Gosma, Secretary

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