March 2014 Minutes

Regular meeting of LIHAC met at the MCL Cafeteria, President Jim Wilson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Roll was taken with 47 members present. One guest, Laure Clark from Chic-fil-A attended the meeting. She was there to invite the club to a Cruise In this summer. She spoke to Jim to see if the club was interested. All LIHAC members attending will receive a free dinner and ice cream. Details and date to be announced.

No reports from Health and Welfare reported to the club. News of Ron Weigle having been in the hospital for a brief stay was announced.

Drawing for the MCL gift care was won by Bryce Crowel. The Free Membership for a friend was wind by Phil Parsons.

The acting secretary did not have a copy of the previous minutes to read, however Sandy Freed moved to have them approved as published on our Web Site, the motion was seconded by Bruce Busse.

Pam Luenz read the treasurers report. Checking account balance is $2312.36 — Savings balance is $908.04

Harold Williams is still in possession of the Dammit Doll, and Dolores Findlay currently has the Golden Spike #2 for safe keeping. The original “spike” cannot be accounted for.

Harold Williams reports the Mens Breakfast has been well attended and suffers from NO lack of stories. The next Ladies Lunch will be in April.

Brandon Stevens announced a Peterson / Fielke sponsored Mid-Week tour on August 13th. Details to follow. Several other Mid-Week tours are in the planning stages, Caterpillar, and Nan-Shan as an example.

No other business was reported and a motion to adjourn was made by Jim Walsh and seconded by Bob Findlay.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Respectfully Submitted — Acting Secretary Dolores Findlay

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