March 11, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes

The LIHAC Board Meeting was called to order by President, Joe Goss about 7:00 p.m. The meeting was held in Paul Harshman’s heated Car Museum in Mulberry, for the discussion of several LIHAC dates, for tours, upcoming events and meetings.

April 11-Dog ‘n Suds

16-Men’s Breakfast

24-Tour to Attica leaving at 1:30 from Menards West parking lot sponsored by Joe and Boni Goss

–Ladies Luncheon-no dated yet

May 4-LIHAC meeting-place not determined at this time

June — day not determined- Tour to Linden R.R. Museum lead by Dave Hackney

July 18-LIHAC Picnic at Columbia Park

August – Picnic at Roger Miller’s home-no date yet

Gosma’s Truck/tractor show-did not know the date

Since we aren’t using ZOOM any more, that is to be cancelled.

The Motion to Adjourn the meeting was made by Linda Cobb and seconded by Bill Erdes.


Joe Goss, Linda Cobb, Paul Harshman, Dave Hackney, Boni Goss, Marlene Peterson, Bill Erdes, Nancy Erdes, Brandon Stevens


Tom Cobb

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