July 2019 Minutes

The July 2nd, 2019 LIHAC meeting was called to order by President, Tim Lange at 6:40 p.m.

Roll Call was answered by 46 members and 1 guest.

The June meeting minutes were read and approved.

The Treasurer, Nancy Erdes, reported that there were 5 checks written in June.  The checking account has $3049.62, the savings account has $1606.81 and the CD is setting at $537.82.

There are 14 birthdays and 7 anniversaries in July.

There were 3 on the Care and Concern list:  Curt Anderson, Bobby Burkhalter and Pat Fieleke.

The MCL drawing went to Bill Layton, the Dog ‘n Suds gift certificates were won by Mike Luenz and to recruit a new member went to Fran Larch.

There were 12 people that came out on  June 2nd  for the Dog ‘n Suds and Silver Dipper outings.

On June 8th there was a cookout at Jeff and Linda Findlay’s home.  There were about 40 people that went and had a great time.

On June 19th the Ladies Luncheon was at Chili’s, hosted by Marty Burkhalter.  There were 17 ladies.

The men’s breakfast was on June 21 and they had a great turnout of 21 guys.

The Breakfast Tour, lead by Tom and Linda Cobb was June 22.  There were 31 people that enjoyed their breakfast at the West Side Diner, at the West edge of Logansport.

There was a thank you from Pam Luenz, for the monetary donation to one of their endowments  and 2 other gifts of appreciation, from the club, for her 20 years of being the club’s treasurer.

The club had received a $200.00 check, as a Thank You for driving a wedding couple, on June 1st, in an old car, which was a ’37 Ford.  It was told that they went about 200 feet, in the old car.


6—St. Mary’s Healthcare car display…………10 – 12

7--Dog ‘n Suds/Silver Dipper at 4:30

12—St. Anthony Health  Care car display  1-4

13—Knights of Columbus Car show at Lafayette Catholic High School—4-8:30 p.m

18—Ladies Luncheon at Pepe’s  at 11:30, hosted by Jo Williams

19—Men’s Breakfast at Downtowner at 8:30

21—LIHAC Summer Picnic at Columbian Park a 1:00.  Bring you table service, a dish (with food in it ) to share and a lawn chair

26—Friday, Kroozer’s Car Show at Market Square at 5-9 and on Saturday, the                                                     27th –8-4.

2 & 3—Amish Acres and Gillmore Museum.  An overnight tour,  lead by Joe and Boni Goss.

The Dammit Doll had quite a journey the morning of the Breakfast Tour lead by Tom and Linda Cobb.  The doll was passed from one person to another,………… and to another.  First one to get her was Jeff Findlay, because his car would not start at Battle Ground (the meeting place to start the tour), and then she went to Harold Williams for losing a hub cap, which he retrieved and then in about an hour, later Curt Williams lost a hub cap, too, but could not find it.  She was really busy for awhile but got settled down and is now living with Curt and Annette Williams. The Golden Spike is still living with Marlene Peterson.

There were some announcements………..
July 4th—the Harrison Bridge will be closed in the evening.  The fireworks are going to                                 be set off on the bridge.             

July 19 – 21—Illiana Antique Show at Rainesville, IN

August 16-17—Don Gosma’s Tractor Show and Jean’s quilt show.  Anyone can bring                                      a tractor, a car,  a truck or bring a quilt to show.  There will be food.

Roger Miller had an announcement concerning the MCL.  He wanted everyone to be aware that their business hasn’t been as lucrative as in the past and it could be a sign of them closing.  His suggestion was for everyone to be thinking about where the club could meet, if this should happen.  The prices have gone up, there’s not the variety, as in the past and the restaurant has changed managers several times in the past year.   We don’t know if it will close but  Roger thought we should be aware that it could and that its very important, for the club to continue meeting every month, to keep us connected.

Bill Erdes made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Jim Courtney seconded the motion.

President, Tim Lange
Secretary,  Marlene Peterson                

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