January 2019 Minutes

The January 8, 2019, LIHAC meeting was called to order by President Tim Lange at 6:45 p.m.  There were 53 members that answered roll call.  As of January 8, 2019, the club has 72 family members, a gain of 9 since the December meeting. 

            The Secretary’s report was read with  one correction, concerning LIHAC  winter meetings being cancelled …. It was read that when  the Lafayette School Corp, dismissed school because of the weather,  it should have read Tippecanoe County School Corp .

            The Treasurer, Nancy Erdes, reported that there were checks written for  December and a total of $110.75.  The checking account has $4137.20 and the savings account has $1053.32.

            The Club received a Thank You from Marie Weigle and a Thank You from Debra Courtney.

            There are 15 birthdays and 3 anniversaries for the month of January.

            A Thinking of You card was sent to Harold Craft.  Linda Cobb will be in charge of the Care and Concern for Annette Williams, for the winter months of January, February and March.

            The MCL drawing went to Tom Cobb; the “recruit a new member” went to Janet Lange.

            The December Ladies luncheon had a great attendance of 22.  It was hosted by Linda Cobb at the West Lafayette Golf and Country Club.  The Men’s December breakfast had 16 men.   There were about 40 people attending the Christmas Party held at the Stidman church on December 9th.

                                    UPCOMING EVENTS

            January  8—LIHAC  meeting

                           17—Ladies LIHAC luncheon at Spageddies at 11:30, hosted by Pat Wilder

                            18—Men’s breakfast

            February   3—Silver Dipper Get-to-Gether

                                5—LIHAC Meeting

                               15—Men’s Breakfast            

                                       17—Sweetheart lunch at Logan’s Roadhouse at 2:00, with special menu of 7 entrees.  Hosted

     by Bill and Nancy Erdes.

            Tom Cobb made the announcement that he has the membership on his phone and can tell who has paid their dues, if in question.

            Harold Williams and Joe Newlin had a couple of cute and funny stories about Issa vehicles—(Joe has one.)

            The Dammit Doll is cozy in Bill Layton’s home and the Golden Spike is keeping warm in Marlene Peterson’s kitchen.

            Bill Erdes made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Bob Findlay seconded it

                                    President, Tim Lange

                                    Secretary, Marlene Peterson

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