February 2014 Minutes

The regular meeting was called to order at 6:10PM by President Jim Wilson. This was due to weather conditions and very few members being present. 16 people were present.

The Christmas party survey was collected.

Annette Williams will again serve as Health and Welfare person for 2014. Thanks Annette.

Brandon Stevens won the MCL gift card and Mike Luenz won the free membership for a friend.

Minutes were read. They were corrected to read that the membership made donations to the Salvation Army in addition to the $100 club gift. They were then approved as corrected.

Pam gave the Treasurers report: Checking balance $2377.26. Savings balance $903.04. CD Balance $551.56. (an additional $0.29) CD Balance 536.68. Pam reported we now have 72 paid members.

Old Business — None

New Business — Sweetheart dinner on February 16th at 1:00pm at Logan’s Road House. Please call or email Marty Burkhalter with your reservations.

Jim Wilson announced he is working on several possible tours. None confirmed as of this date, but he is working with Nanshan Aluminum Plant, Caterpillar, SIA and Ball Corporation in Monticello.

Jim announced the World of Wheels is in Indianapolis this Fri, Sat and Sunday. This is a Hot Rod association.

Thank you notes were received from the family of John Larch, and from the Helen Anderson Family.

With no other new business being brought forward, Don Gosma moved we adjourn, and it was seconded by Mike Luenz.

Jean Gosma


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