February 2016 Minutes

February LIHAC meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Brandon Stevens. Roll call taken with 40 members and guests present. We had one guest, Jim Wildrick’s daughter, Pam and our new member, Robert Rhykerd from Normal Il.

Stand-in Secretary, Jo Williams read the minutes of the January meeting. Minutes approved

as read.

Stand-in Treasurer, Linda Cobb gave the treasurer’s report with balance in checking $4,186.43,

Savings $978.04 and CD $537.14

We now have 73 members.

President read members names of February birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Linda sent cards to ill members, Jim Wildrick, Ron Weigle, Bill Andrews, Jim Wilson and to

Pat Fieleke, whose mother passed away.

The $20. MCL gift certificate went to Tom Cobb and the friend membership drawing went to

Bob Bunnell.

Ladies luncheon will be February 10th at O’Charlies at 11:30 a.m., Jo Williams will host.

Linda Cobb reported on the January Ladies Luncheon, there were 8 ladies present on such

a terrible day, but we had a good time.

Harold Williams reported on Men’s breakfast and returned the fork and spoon to Linda

since the men out numbered the ladies, and added a big rooster crow for the men from his

Brooster the Rooster.

Our Sweetheart Brunch will be Sunday, February 7th at 1:30 p.m at Logan’s Roadhouse

with Pam and Mike Luenz hosting and the St Patrick’s Day event will be on Saturday,

March 12 at 1:00 p.m.

Bill Layton had given his grandson his 1983 Ford Pickup truck and for the Layton’s

50th wedding anniversary the grandson surprised them with the title to his old truck

completely restored. Great story.

Tom Cobb reported that the website had changed and they would now advertise members

cars for sale but not parts at present time.

Tim Lang will be setting up a booth and take pictures of members for the web site.

Tim Lange made nice brochures for members to carry in their car to help advertise our

club and invite new members.

Linda Cobb mentioned that for the ladies, coming up on June 4 at the Opera House in Delphi,

there will be a Vintage Fashion Show and Tea at cost of $15. per person.

Gene Gangwer went to a car club auction at Petersburg, IN, entry fee was a car part and picture

of your car. Cars were judged from those pictures. Gene got a license plate as his trophy for his car picture.

The club took in $11,000.from their auction.

Meeting adjourned.

Stand-in Secretary

Jo Williams

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