December 2018 Minutes

The December 4, 2018, LIHAC meeting was called to order by  President, Tim Lange at 6:45 p.m.  There were 51 members and 2 guests, Jim Arion and Denis Neidigh, who became members, that answered roll call. The club closed the year, 2018,  with 104 members and for 2019 there are 63 members, as of December 4th, 2018.

            There was a guest speaker from the Salvation Army, Aaron Johnson.  He told us that his wife, Rachel, is a 4th generation to serve in the Salvation army.  Aaron told about some of his life’s background.  When he was in recovery from  drugs and alcohol addiction, he decided to go to college and be a pastor.  The Salvation Army is in 130 countries.  With the Club’s  donation and the members contributions, there was $945.00, given to the Salvation Army.

            The Secretary’s report was read and approved. 

            The Treasurer, Pam Luenz reported that there were checks for November written totaling $346.84.  The checking account balance is $4112.95 and the Savings account has $1053.31 .

            There are 16 birthdays and 9 anniversaries in December.

            Annette Williams reported on the Care and Concern,….. cards were sent to Gene McKinley, Darlene Lumley, and Jean Gosma.  Linda Cobb will be taking care of the Care and Concern cards while Annette is in Florida.

            The MCL drawing went to Will Gwin; the “recruit a new member” went to Bob Bunnell and Paul Harshman was the lucky winner of the turkey drawing.

            The November Ladies LIHAC, sponsored by Judy Bunnell, at Olive Gardens had 11 attendees.  The November Men’s  Breakfast had 16 men.  The December  LIHAC Ladies will be at the West Lafayette Golf and Country Club on December 5th sponsored by Linda Cobb.

                                                            UPCOMING EVENTS:

                        December 5—Ladies LIHAC

                        December 9—Christmas Party at Stidham church at 2:00

            The Dammit Doll is still residing at Bill Layton’s home and the Golden Spike is staying warm in Marlene Peterson’s kitchen

            President Lange announced about LIHAC meeting cancellations—if the Lafayette School Corp. announces weather related school closure, there will not be a meeting.

            The next LIHAC meeting will be January 8th, postponed a week, because the first Tuesday is New Year’s Day. 

            Don Gosma made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Harold Williams seconded the motion.

                                                            President, Tim Lange

                                                            Secretary, Marlene Peterson

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