December 2015 Minutes

President Jim Wilson called the LIHAC meeting to order December 1, 2015 at the MCL Cafeteria. Jim introduced Steven Dahl from Salvation Army and he gave an overview of what they were about and how they helped people in need. Steven also joined LIHAC.

Jim next had the drawings: MCL went to Kathy Heiser

MCL bonus went to Raymon  Stewart
Free membership for a friend to Karla Heiser
$25 Christmas drawing to Steve Wilder

New members present: Steven Dahl, Bill and Lora Layton who has a Model A Coupe.

There were no guests.

Roll call was answered by 59 members.

Care and Concern: Annette Williams sent cards to Bruce Busse, Curt Williams and John Coulson.

Bill and Lora Layton will celebrate their 50th. wedding anniversary in December. Congratulations!

Jean Gosma read the minutes and they were approved as read.

Pam Luenz gave the Treasurer’s report with a balance in Checking of $4472.29. There were no changes in the savings and CD balances. She reported a total of 115 members.

Pam also announced that Bob Jacko will be driving his Packard in the Christmas Parade.

Harold Williams announced the men had 19 at their breakfast in November and the 20th man that walks in for December men’s breakfast will have breakfast paid for by Harold. Congratulations men as you had more than the ladies at their November luncheon.

Brandon Stevens presented Tim Lange a cap for the Dammit Doll since Tim will have the doll during the winter months.

Ladies Luncheon will be December 11th at Hour Time. Dolores Findlay is making plans and promises a good time to be had by all.

Old Business: Jerry Barnett said approximately 30 people went to see the lights. All had a good time.

New Business: Tom Cobb will soon be publishing the calendar for 2016. The Club needs new ideas for tours. Tom distribute a questionnaire to be completed and returned to the Club. Watch the web site for information. Tom and Linda do an excellent job with the web site. A big THANKS to them!

Brandon reported a 1969 Mercury for sale.

Jim announced volunteers are needed to organize the Sweetheart Dinner and the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. Also need volunteers to plan tours to be prior to the Dog and Suds Car Shows.

Roger Miller announced August 27th. he will be having a “summer end” pig roast at the Miller Farm. There will also be a Dixie Land Band. The Band will play from 4 to 8. Mark your calendars for a great time.

Jim announced that the Club will not have a meeting during the winter months if Tippecanoe School Corporation has cancelled school on that date. Therefore, if TSC cancels school for the 1st Tuesday of the month, LIHAC will not have a meeting.

Jean Gosma plans to be in Florida and needs a substitute for March and April. Jo Williams, volunteered to do this. THANKS Jo!

Jim Wilson presented Brandon Stevens the “gavel” as the new President of LIHAC.

Brandon then presented Jim Wilson with a plaque for his leadership for 2014 and 2015. Thanks Jim for a job well done.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Jean Gosma, Secretary

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