July 2019 Minutes

The Dammit Doll had quite a journey the morning of the Breakfast Tour lead by Tom and Linda Cobb. The doll was passed from one person to another, and to another.

June 2019 Minutes

There were several on the Annette Williams’s Care and Concern list for May: Linda Cobb, Mike Luenz, Harold Williams, and Jerry Barnett.

May 2019 Minutes

On Sunday April 7th, 12 LIHAC members went to visit Pat Malone’s car collection. He has 69 cars, mostly Packards and then to Dog ‘n Suds.

April 2018 Minutes

There was a guest speaker, Scott Ksander. He is an Executive Director for IT Networks. He emphasized that Microsoft will never call you on the telephone to do something on your computer.

March 2019 Minutes

The Valentine’s lunch, on February 17th at Logan’s Roadhouse, hosted by Bill and Nancy Erdes was enjoyed by 19 people.

February 2019 Minutes

Roger Miller spoke about an accident he had had in August 2018 and what he had to do to get his insurance company – Hagerty—to come through on what was agreed on in his insurance policy. Roger won!

January 2019 Minutes

The Secretary’s report was read with one correction, concerning LIHAC winter meetings being cancelled …. It was read that when the Lafayette School Corp, dismissed school because of the weather, it should have read Tippecanoe County School Corp.

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