April 2018 Minutes

 The April 2, 2019, LIHAC Meeting was called to order by President, Tim Lange at 6:40 p.m.
Roll Call was answered by 49 members and 2 guests, Scott and Sally Mohland.  There are 82 family members as of March 5th.
There was a guest speaker, Scott Ksander.  He is an Executive Director for IT Networks.  He emphasized that Microsoft will never call you on the telephone to do something on your computer.  Also, when making purchases on line to have a credit card that is only used for on line purchases.    94% of all emails are spam and spam is a 6 trillion dollar a year business.  Most important is the anti-Virus routine—update it at least once a month and have at least 2 backups for your computer, so if you get a virus you have the backup to go to.
The Secretary’s minutes from the March  meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer, Nancy Erdes reported that there were 3 checks written in March for a total of $312.03.  The checking account has $3577.96 and savings account has $1606.78.
There are 10 birthdays and 3 anniversaries in April.
Care and Concern sent a card to Steve Wilder in March. 
The MCL drawing was won by Janet Lange,  Mike Luenz won the Dog ‘n Suds and to recruit a new member went to Gene McKinley.
The March 20th Ladies luncheon was at  O’Charleys with Jo Williams as hostess.  She had a game and there were 2 prizes of jumbo Hershey chocolate bars.   There were 13 ladies present.
Men’s March Breakfast had 15 men.
The St. Patrick’s lunch at 9 Irish Brothers was hosted by Steve and Pat Wilder, there were 23 in attendance.  There were green necklaces that lit up for the ladies, green hats for the gentlemen and “Irish coins” on the tables.  It was quite festive.                                                                         
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                         
April  7—-a tour to Pat Malone’s car collection.  Meet at 2:00 at Battleground             Middle School then the Dog ‘n Suds at 4:30  
18—-Ladies luncheon at Grindstone Charley’s at 11:30, hosted by Pam Luenz 
19—-Men’s breakfast at 8:30 at the Downtowner
28—-Carry-in and bingo at the Rossville Masonic Lodge at 1:00.  The Lasagna and garlic  bread will be provided.  Curt Williams will bring water. The Bingo prizes will be provided by Jo Williams & Barb Humm. Everyone should bring your own table service and a dish to share.
The Dammit Doll is living with Bill Layton and the Golden  Spike is hanging out with Marlene Peterson.
A few weeks back Harold and Jo Williams won a Wal Mart gift card at the Poker Run, when they went to use it there were a “few catches”.  The moral of the story is when you buy a Wal Mart gift card to be a prize, be sure it’s the kind of card that can be easily used.
Bill Erdes made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Marty Burkhalter seconded.
President, Tim Lange
Secretary, Marlene Peterson

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