2018 Financial Report


Membership $1425.00

Savings interest $        .64

Donations $  212.00

Sales of decals, license frames $      3.00

Auction $   870.00



Find 8 Digital $  265.00

Bank fee for checks $     34.00

Club liability insurance $  266.00

P.O. Box rental fee for one year $    82.00

Rental fees (room, chairs, tables) $  677.57

Social activities $1333.86

Memorials $    75.00

Charities $  250.00


Memorials for Eldon Fredericks, Malcolm Miller and Ileta Davis.

Charities were Ascent 121 and Salvation Army

Winning members for drawings:

MCL $20.00 gift card Free membership for a friend Dog ’n Suds

Roger Miller Brandon Stevens ———
Marty Burkhalter Bill Erdes ———
Brandon Stevens Martha Hayes Nancy Erdes
Lynn Senesac Linda Findlay       Will Gwin
Barry Wheeler Jerry Barnett Susie Coulson
Gene McKinley Joe Newlin       Jean Gosma
Joe Goss John Coulson       Pat Fieleke
Gene Gangwer Joe Bowyer       Jeff Findlay
Pat Fieleke Boni Goss       Gene McKinley
Kay Price LaMoyne Seneca       Gene Gangwer
Larry Shepherd Paul Harshman ———
Will Gwin Bob Bunnell ———
December gift card drawing for “turkey”  Paul Harshman

let's hit the open road together

interested in joining lihac?

Download the application form, complete it, and join us at our next meeting! Or mail it to PO Box 191, Lafayette, IN 47902.

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