2017 Financial Results

Here are the details from 2017:

Membership $1110.00
Quilt raffle/donations $ 353.00
Decals/license frames $ 2.00
Bank interest on savings and CDs $ .46
Auction $1082.00
TOTAL $2547.46

Activities/cards/postage/copying $990.46
P.O.Box annual rental $ 76.00
Find 8 Digital $265.00
Auto Owners Insurance – 1 year $266.00
IN Secretary of State registration for 2 years $ 20.00
Donations $300.00
Memorials $100.00
Rental fees $556.37

TOTAL $2,573.83

The year ended with 107 members. Memorial donations were made for the following members: Jim Walsh, Dolores Findlay, Jim Wilson and Calvin Fieleke.

Drawing winners:
$20.00 MCL gift card: Mike Luenz, Tom Cobb, Howard Lumley, Marty Burkhalter, Fran Larch, Bill Erdes, Marlene Peterson, Lora Layton, Don Gosma, Jim Lewis, Martha Hayes and Brandon Stevens

Free membership for a friend: Joe Goss, Martha Hayes, Joe Bowyer, Tom Anderson, Calvin Fieleke,John Coulson, Jerry Barnett, Fran Larch, Linda Lewis, Bob Walton, Tom Cobb, Ramon Stewart, Janet Lange

Dog ’n Suds $10.00 gift certificates: Mike Cornell, Jean Gosma, Mike Luenz, Barth Hayes, Jim Courtney, Joe Newlin, LeMoyne Senesac

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