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The Lafayette Indiana Historic Auto Club is a non-exclusive, mixed social group of people that have a common interest in restoring, preserving, and driving all makes and models of old cars. We currently have over 100 members with more than 400 cars. We enjoy visiting new places, arranging driving tours, and displaying our cars at places like retirement communities where we know people will appreciate seeing them. We welcome families, people of all ages, and walks of life to become members of LIHAC.

We have re-starting our dinner meetings beginning in May 2021. Check out below for the latest meeting time and place.


A Word From the President

LIHAC members,
We are seeing some signs or normalcy. The last three meetings have had over forty members in attendance. The lady’s and men’s events about half that which makes sense. Rain dwindled the Dog and Suds to low numbers, but we always have been rain sensitive. The next meeting November 2 at Arni’s at Market Square will have our elections. Bob Burkhalter is chairman of the election committee, so be ready to do your part and say yes , should he call.
Also, be on the watch out for upcoming freezing weather and have protection ready. Also you might run any alcohol containing gas out and find some non-alcohol containing gas loaded for storage. The other option is to use Stabil or a similar product to help preserve the gasoline thru the winter. If the battery condition is in doubt, charge it up( maybe with a good fall drive.) Then with all those worries behind, remember to join in LIHAC events thru the winter to keep you in tune for next year’s LIHAC fun.
Keep it between the ditches,
President Joe Goss
detail of the inside of an antique car

The next LIHAC meeting is at Arni's in Market Square on Tuesday December 7th. Dinner beginning at 5:30 with the meeting following at 6:30. We will be in the big room on the south end of the building. 

Sunday December 12th is our Christmas Party at Stidham Church. Details on your email

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Tuesday December 7th  is our LIHAC meeting . Meet you at Arni's in Market Square. The room will open at 5:30 with the meeting following dinner. We will be in the large room at the south end of the building.

Sunday December 12th is our LIHAC Christmas Party at Stidham Church.

As usual, watch your email for details

Members Cars For sale

Dwayne Ward is selling his low mileage 1953 Chevy 4/door Bel Air.  68,000 miles, powerglide transmission.  Asking $10,000

You can contact Dwaine at 765-564-8306 or 765-268-2302 See photos below.


Our Next LIHAC meeting will be Tuesday November 2nd at Arni's in Market Square. Dinner first followed by the meeting.  We will meet in the large dinning room NOT the toy room.  Come join us at the next LIHAC meeting.  The room will open at 5:15 for dinner with the meeting following at 6:30

Meeting Minutes

Missed a meeting? Get the details from every meeting. Must be logged in as a member to access them.

let's hit the open road together

interested in joining lihac?

Download the application form, complete it, and join us at our next meeting! Or mail it to PO Box 191, Lafayette, IN 47902.

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