imgBeautiful Day for a Breakfast Tour
Beautiful Day for a Breakfast Tour
imgBingo at Buck Creek
Bingo at Buck Creek
imgPurdue Sports Performace tour
Purdue Sports Performace tour
imgMay Mens Breakfast
May Mens Breakfast
"59 Studebaker LARK for Sale - details below
imgGreat turnout for May Ladies lunch
Great turnout for May Ladies lunch
imgMay Dog & Suds - Big turn out.
May Dog & Suds - Big turn out.
imgLIHAC Polar Bears
LIHAC Polar Bears
imgBernie Beyers and her LIHAC Quilt
Bernie Beyers and her LIHAC Quilt
imgChristmas Party 2017
Christmas Party 2017
imgPurdue Learning Center Tour
Purdue Learning Center Tour
imgSoup Social
Soup Social
imgOctober Ladies Lunch
October Ladies Lunch
imgMillers Pitch In
Millers Pitch In
imgCars at Millers Pitch-IN
Cars at Millers Pitch-IN
imgA great picnic pix
A great picnic pix
imgQuite a line of cars at the LIHAC picnic
Quite a line of cars at the LIHAC picnic
img2017 Picnic in the Park
2017 Picnic in the Park
imgLIHAC at the Beef House
LIHAC at the Beef House
imgCurt's Hudson - Beautiful!!
Curt's Hudson - Beautiful!!
imgJoe's 1938 Buick - Beautiful
Joe's 1938 Buick - Beautiful

A Message from Our President

Half way through another year already but there is still plenty to do and see.  This month I see six LIHAC events on the calendar and another fourteen other car related events in the area.  Janet and I have been traveling the backroads working on another tour. We have already found a couple new and very good places to eat!

Tim Lange


LIHAC President

Upcoming Events


Important advice on our TECH TIPS section just below

Saturday July 14th - St. Marys Healthcare Car Show

Saint Mary Healthcare Center at 2201 Cason Street in Lafayette has invited us to display our cars from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on July 14th.
The parking lot has room for 29 cars and half of it will be in the shade.  The lot will be closed to traffic.  
A DJ will be playing music, there will also be hot dogs, chips, and water available to us.
Hope you can make it!

Sunday July 15th. - LIHAC Picnic


Plan to eat at 1:00  enter at Jenks Rest  1915 Scott St.

 drive through the parking lot into the interior street to park your antique car. Modern cars can park in the lot at Jenks Rest. The shelters are straight across from the parking lot. Banner will be out. Chicken provided from D&R. Bring a dish to share and table service and lawn chairs. 

Wednesday July 18th - Ladies Lunch

The new Teays River Brewing & Public House 3300 S. 9th St. (across the street from Walts other Pub) is the location for this months Ladies Lunch.  Time is 11:30.  Hostess this month is Marty Burkhalter.  Contact her at 765-586-2553 or sign up at the meeting.

Friday July 20th - Mens Breakfast

Meet at the Downtowner in Market Square at 8:30 for Mens Breakfast this month.  No reservations are required.  Come join the guys for breakfast.

Tech Tip


I was recently researching on the subject of antifreeze/coolant to determine the best to use in my new radiator on my 36 Ford. I was quite shocked to learn that the modern cars use an entirely different formula, and you should never use the new stuff in your antique car. The delineating factor is if you have a brass copper solder radiator you must use the old formulas. The new stuff will literally eat the solder from the radiator as well as pit your cast iron block. I checked with two antifreeze companies Prestone and Peak and received the exact same information from their technical people . All modern formulations are for aluminum radiators ,do not use them. Prestone does have an intermediary formula in the yellow jug than can be used if the car is driven at least once a month. It has a service live five years. But if you’re like most people and it sets all winter they don’t recommend it. Both companies recommend what is called prime conventional green, it is a very old formula and the only negative about it is high toxicity and two year service life . I couldn’t find the prestone brand at any of the stores, but the Peak brand is readily available. Peak bottles it for NAPA , part number RTU1GAL. that’s the pre mixed,ready to use. So check your car and see if it is green, if it’s not you probably should change it. As a sidenote Bob Burkhalter can tell you how to determine when you’re antifreeze is going bad (it becomes acidic). Maybe we could get him to post that information on this site for you?Happy motoring Jeff Findlay 

This from Brandon Stevens.  


The article that Jeff Findley wrote was very informative and I also have one other option to add to the list that works with brass, copper, solder, cast iron that is low toxicity (pet friendly/environmentally friendly) and has a much longer service life. Amsoil propylene glycol antifreeze and coolant is what I use and I am an independent Amsoil dealer Z.O.493836 and have used this on my Model A and other antique equipment. I called the Amsoil technical assistance line and verified with their technical support that I had this right and they confirmed that this product can be used on antique and classic car cooling systems without any damage. It is compatible with all ethylene and propylene antifreeze products so a system can be drained and replaced with this coolant without any compatibility issues. The service life is rated at 5-6 years. I can get you a data sheet if you need any additional information. Amsoil also has Antifreeze test strips that have the ability to test pH levels. AMSOIL antifreeze test strips have two different pads on them and test ALL coolant colors. The lowest reports the freezing and boiling (under pressure) protection level. The upper pad reports the pH level and shows a pass/fail area. Using these test strips are the only way you can test a mixture of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol for freeze protection if you have mixed coolants in your cooling system.







1959 Studebaker Lark.   Pat Lawson is offering her '59 Studebaker LARK for sale, asking $5,500.  New wheel cylinder new master cylinder, with new brake and fuel lines and tires.  Car was partially restored in 2014 and has been stored in a  heated garage.  Several additional Studebaker parts come with the car.  Contact Pat Lawson at 765-477-7102 or at        Photo of the car is shown above.

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Upcoming Meetings

First Tuesday each month at 
MCL West  Lafayette. 6:00pm
LIHAC meets at MCL restaurant  and cafateria

521 Sagamore Pkwy W, West Lafayette,IN

Tuesday August 7th


LIHAC Meeting

NOTE ! Meeting time is 6:45, please come early if you wish to have dinner before the meeting

Tuesday, September 4th
6:45 pm

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